Improv Cooking Group Challenge: Make Delicious Food Without Planning Ahead

We know that real foods are better for us than processed items.  In other words fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and high quality proteins are more nutritious than things that come out of boxes and bags.  We also know that cooking at home tends to be better for us than eating out.

But eating real food and cooking is easier said than done.  Our work follows us home, we have happy hours, and soccer practice.  We forget to go grocery shopping, and we get tired.  We try to plan ahead but stuff gets in the way. 

Many of us also didn’t grow up cooking.  Our parents made Hamburger Helper for dinner and we begged for Lunchables at lunch. 

As a result, we haven’t developed the instincts that allow us to cook easily so we rely on recipes instead.  But recipes require planning and brain power.  And there’s nothing worse than trying to read a recipe off your phone on a Tuesday night after staring at a computer all day.

What we need is a new way to think about cooking that matches our lives now.  It needs to be fast because our lives are full, flexible because our plans change, and simple because our days are already complex. 

And that’s what you’re about to learn – welcome to Improv Cooking!  

Here's what we'll cover: 

  • How to stock your kitchen
  • How and when to shop
  • The rules of Improv
  • Five Master Meals (that always work)
  • How to use ingredients in many ways
  • How to add flavor
  • How to modify for picky eaters

Each session includes:

  • A 30 minute presentation
  • Downloadable shopping guides
  • Meal templates to provide inspiration for a month's worth of dinners
  • Unlimited email access for 2 weeks after the workshop for questions
  • A cooking contest to test out the concepts (optional, depending on space constraints) 

When and Where?

  • Either in person at your office or organization or virtually over webinar at a time and date that works best for your group 

Looking for a web course instead?  Here ya go.  

What Others are Saying...

I’m a new mom and an attorney and was struggling to get a healthy meal on the table. After taking Improv Cooking, I learned that dinner doesn’t have to take an hour to prepare and end in a messy kitchen. Most importantly I learned that cooking a healthy meal is really about having the right ingredients on hand so that you can whip together a healthy meal in no time. I would recommend Improv Cooking to anyone who is looking to eat healthy, tasty food without sacrificing too much time and energy!
I attended Kelly’s Improv Cooking class and couldn’t believe how it could be so simple, yet so helpful at the same time! Cooking for myself and my husband after long days at the office can be so exhausting but I learned it doesn’t have to be that way. With some simple guidelines and a kitchen stocked with healthy, interchangeable ingredients I can easily pull together something delicious without a lot of thought or work. It’s so simple that I find myself doing it now without even realizing it. I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with the daily “what’s for dinner?” grind!


Cancellation Policy & Guarantee

If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule the session you may do so up to 48 hours in advance.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the workshop you will receive a 100% refund.  

Cost & Next Steps:

Pricing varies by location and group size.

  1. Email Kelly Brown, to setup an initial conversation
  2. We'll talk about your group and answer your questions
  3. We'll choose a time, date, and location
  4. After the program, your group will be able to follow-up with any questions or for further personalization for two full weeks


Often people have the following questions and concerns:

  1. I don’t have time to cook - Usually we can find 20-30 minutes but what we really don’t have time to do is think and plan.  Improv Cooking fits into a busy life.    

  2. My family is picky and I have specific dietary requirements.  All meal ideas are customizable.  For anything not covered, you have two weeks to email me for customization tips.

  3. I’m a terrible cook.  Cooking shows and food companies have made us think we need to be the next Iron Chef in order to preheat the oven.  Not true, you can absolutely learn to cook with some tips and a little practice.

  4. Healthy food is expensive.  Improv Cooking focuses on using basic seasonal ingredients and reusing leftovers so you don't waste anything which ultimately helps save money.  

  5. But I like following recipes.  Then by all means, continue to do so!  Consider Improv Cooking another tool in your toolbox, or card in your recipe box in this case.

  6. I eat most of my meals at work.  The ability to throw together a meal is a skill that everyone should know even if they don’t use it all the time.  Like how to drive, ride a bike, or ask for a raise. 

  7. I don’t like grocery shopping.  There are services that will shop for you and I'll share some of my favorites.  I'll also provide shopping guides that make shopping so much easier. 

  8. Healthy food is boring.  It used to be, back when we thought you had to eat plain salads and grilled chicken to be healthy.  That’s not the case anymore, there are lots of ways to eat well and enjoy it, I'll share ways to add flavor to any dish.  

  9. Cooking is overwhelming.  At first it is.  Improv Cooking offers a simple framework to get you started.  If you still feel overwhelmed, we'll talk after the program about solutions. 

  10. I hate doing dishes.  Me too.  Improv Meals are simple enough that they can be done using only one pot or pan plus a cutting board in most cases. 

Ready to learn more?

Email Kelly Brown at