Simplify Cooking, Learn to Improv Cook


Host an Improv Cooking Workshop

Grab some friends or coworkers (or go at it alone) and get ready for a seriously fun cooking experience. 

We'll start by learning how to Improv Cook, in other words to make delicious food quickly and without a recipe, and end with a cooking competition during which you'll practice your new skills.

Just like real life, you have ingredients to use and you're under a time-constraint. You may even find the challenge easier than real life because there's not a child pulling at your leg or emails you need to answer!

Live events are typically held at someone's house (either one-on-one or with a group of friends), or in an office space with a group of coworkers.

This workshop is two hours long and includes: 

  • A demo on how to stock your kitchen, build flavor profiles, and create customizable meals that work for picky eaters
  • A hands-on cooking competition to put these skills into practice
  • Unlimited follow-up email support for specific dietary requirements or questions
  • All of the food and supplies needed for the demo and competition


Is this workshop right for me?

Improv Cooking works best for people with a busy life because the focus is on efficient shopping and cooking. Parents find this type of cooking especially useful since you learn how to create meals that are customizable for picky eaters. 

Where do these workshops occur? 

In your home, office or a space of your choosing.  We're located in the San Francisco Bay area but travel can be arranged on a case-by-case basis. 

Do I need to have a kitchen to host a workshop?

 No, Improv Cooking workshops can be done in a conference room as well as in a kitchen space. 

What types of foods will we discuss?

We focus on incorporating more real foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, high-quality animal proteins, healthy fat oils, and natural sweeteners in order to crowd out less healthy options.

What if my company offers food to employees?

Programs are customized based on your group.  In this case, we'll discuss selecting the best options and cooking quick meals for times when you are at home. 


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Private lessons are also available

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