How to fake drink

At some point in life we shift from wanting to pretend we're not drinking alcohol when we are (most of college, for example) to pretending we are drinking when we're not.  

When we're trying to make healthy choices, alcohol is one of the biggest obstacles.  How many times have you gone to a happy hour event intent on just stopping by before heading to the gym only to be derailed by that well-meaning, "oh just have one drink," coworker?   Suddenly your healthy night of working out, cooking dinner, and getting to bed early turns into 4 drinks in on a Tuesday and late night pizza on the way home.  

Here are three drinks to order if you're trying to fake it and avoid the awkward line of questioning from people trying to determine whether or not you're pregnant, on a cleanse, or just plain crazy for not wanting to get wasted on a Wednesday. 

1.  Instead of a vodka tonic, order sparkling water with lemon/lime

2. Instead of red wine, order cranberry juice in a wine glass 

3. Instead of draft beer, order beer in a dark bottle (like Amstel Light).  You can hold onto it for a long time and no one will be able to see how much is left so you can just ditch it before you leave. 

One last tip, tell the bartender or waiter that you're not drinking so he or she can help you with your plan. 

Hopefully one day we'll reach the point where everyone respects one another's health choices enough to accept a simple, "I'm not drinking tonight," as a valid reason.  Until then, cheers to you!