Is This Who I Am or Who I Was?

I broke up with my very handsome job at Google almost one year ago to become a Health Coach and a mostly-full-time mom.  I say handsome because resigning from Google is like breaking up with a movie star.  Swoon-worthy, well-paid, and really attractive.  It wasn't anything he did, we had just grown apart.   

The hardest part of the decision was reconciling the old me and the new me.  The old me, a quick-thinking, bright-eyed, go-getter with the desire to hop skip and jump up the corporate ladder collecting all kinds of prizes and treasures along the way.  The new me, a new parent trying to figure it out with a strong desire to use my mind for good while still being as hands-on at home as my heart wanted to be.  When I left Google, I broke up with the powerful, jet-setting, CEO version of myself and although that was the hardest part, letting go allowed more space for a new version, someone who is healthier, calmer, who falls asleep easily at night and wakes up excited each day. 

Whether you're considering a career change, a big move, or starting or ending a serious relationship, getting in touch with your current priorities is the key to making a decision that is the right one for you.  

Next time you're stuck, here are a few questions to consider: 

  • Is this who I am or who I was?
  • Are my values in line with my actions? 
  • What would I tell my best friend to do in the same situation? 
  • Is fear guiding my choices or is excitement? 
  • If I continue on my current course how will I feel in five years?  (Happy with where I am?  Or disappointed that I still haven't made a change?) 

The old me never expected to have a baby, leave my job, build a business as a Health Coach and move across the country all in one year but to the new me it all makes sense.