Getting Ready for Baby and Other Announcements

Well, hello!

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While there’s been lots of cooking happening over here there hasn’t been a lot of sharing so let me catch you up on what’s been going on at Real Food House.

First, we welcomed Weston, our third baby, into our family this summer. With our oldest starting kindergarten, our second starting preschool, and a new baby in the mix we’ve been go-go-going. A friend described it well, “Having your third child feels as if you were already treading water in the deep end and then someone threw you a baby.” That sounds about right. As chaotic as it sometimes feels, we’re so grateful for these three kiddos and we’re adjusting nicely to the pace of a larger family.

Second, being deep in the throes of parenting, I’ve started thinking a lot about what parents really need when it comes to feeding our children and ourselves healthy foods.

  1. We need support. We used to have it in the form of tight communities and relatives living in our homes but we don’t have as much of it anymore.

  2. We need strategies. Not recipes, we have lots of recipes. What we need are strategies for how and when to find the space to buy and cook the foods in the recipes.

  3. We need to feel inspired. Meal planning, shopping, and cooking can feel like a snooze. We’re looking for a little spark! A little joy! A little something that makes feeding our kids feel energizing instead of like a chore.

  4. We need to know we’re not doing anything wrong. In our isolated kitchens at the end of the day with our kids asking the same questions over and over, it’s easy to doubt ourselves. Should I make something separate for the picky eater? Will she be hungry later if I don’t? I should cook more often. I wish I were a better cook. Will this meal even taste good? Why do I waste my time and money shopping and cooking when no one appreciates this anyway? All the while feeling like we’re not enough and we’re not doing enough. I feel sad just thinking of all of us out there feeling this way for no reason.

Which leads to my third update, I’ll be focusing more on providing the support, strategies, inspiration and confidence parents need when it comes to feeding our families. Expect to see more here and on Instagram (@realfoodhouse) about the various phases of parenthood and how to tackle the mealtime problems we come across. If you have requests, email me (!

Please share this with your friends who are parents too.

For starters, here are two coaching programs with openings (they can be done virtually from anywhere, or in-person in the Bay area):

Getting Ready for Baby - What to freeze, cook, and buy to eat well and feel awesome once baby arrives. (90-Minute Power Session)

Gift Cards Available

How to Feed Your Family (and enjoy doing so) - A Complete Guide to Overcoming Overwhelm and Feeling Confident Feeding Your Family. (Six-Week Transformation)

Looking forward to taking this journey with you and sending you lots and lots of love wherever you are along the way.