What if you succeed?

A few months ago I took a vision boarding class as a fun activity to do with a friend. I flipped through magazines, ate snacks, and created a poster with pretty pictures. Now it's hanging on the back of my bedroom door so I know where I'm going each day. See below.


The activity was helpful but the best part was something the facilitator said at the end. She asked us to write down our fears. For example:

  • What if I fail?
  • What if I'm not good enough?
  • What if no one likes me?

Then she asked us to flip those statements. For example:

  • What if I succeed?
  • What if I'm awesome?
  • What if everyone loves me?

I think about this often when I catch myself caught up in doubts about failure.

What if I succeed? How will my life be when that happens?

Most of the time we create the future we expect. It starts with a thought or a belief and then we change our behavior accordingly.

Cooking is personal and success is about believing it's important and then putting a plan in action with the right support. 

For a little extra help with the plan and the support, sign-up for Improv Cooking by the end of the day on June 1st and you'll have the option to set up a 30-minute bonus call with me.

The bonus session is a 30-minute, one-on-one, phone chat and includes:

  • A Cooking Style Assessment: to determine what types of foods and methods are best for you and anticipate obstacles
  • A Cooking Action Plan: a concrete plan for how you will get from where you are now to your goal state (whether your goal is to cook one meal per week or five)

How to join:

  1. Sign-up for Improv Cooking by the end of the day on June 1, 2017
  2. Complete the course
  3. Schedule your session by the end of 2017 - email me, kelly@realfoodhouse.com, and let me know the time frames that work best for you

I'm excited to talk to you!

P.S. If you've already completed the course, I'd love to talk to you too!