The Secret to Never Wasting Food, Part One

One of the most frustrating parts about cooking is throwing away food I don't use.  It's a waste of time, money and it goes against every efficient bone in my body.  

My new shopping list is helping me make better decisions at the grocery store but there are still times I end up with extra fresh items at the end of the week.  When this happens I turn to one of my tried-and-true meal formulas and get cooking.  

So here it is:  

The first secret to never wasting food is memorizing a few meal formulas that work with almost any ingredients.

Here are three formulas that work with almost any fresh items (and are easy enough to make during the week).  Use these as a guide, throw in whatever you have left and get creative.  

1. Healthy Weeknight Nachos:  



There are so many more no-waste meal formulas, like this fried rice that I made yesterday.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see efficient cooking in real time.

I'd love to see what you make, tag your photos with @realfoodhouse #improvcooking to share. 

Happy Cooking, 

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