My name is Kelly Brown, I share practical ways to cook and eat more real food while enjoying the pace of a full life.

A few years ago, I took a leap of faith and quit my job at Google.

At the time, I felt my hours and travel schedule were at odds with my desire to take care of myself and raise a healthy family. I was confused about what to eat and overwhelmed by conflicting opinions. I knew there had to be a better way.  So I left the corporate world and returned to school to study nutrition.

After attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I realized that while there is a lot of conflicting information, almost all experts agree on two things:

  1. Cooking at home is better for us than eating out.
  2. Real foods are better for us than processed items. In other words fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and high quality proteins are better for us than things that come out of boxes and bags. 

Both of these things give us more control over what we’re eating and therefore allow us to be healthier.

But eating real food and cooking is a lot easier said than done. Our work follows us home, we have happy hours, and soccer practice. We try to plan ahead but plans change. 

A lot of us also didn’t grow up cooking.  Our parents made Hamburger Helper for dinner and we begged for Lunchables at lunch. As a result, we haven’t developed the instincts that allow us to cook easily so we rely on recipes. But recipes require planning and brain power. And there’s nothing worse than trying to read a recipe off your phone on a Tuesday night after staring at a computer all day!

What we need is a new way to think about food that matches our lives now. It needs to be fast because our lives are full, flexible because our plans change, and simple because our days are already complex. 

And that's why I started Real Food House, to share practical ways to eat more real food and cook more often all while keeping up with an amazing fast-paced life.