How to Feed Your Family (and enjoy doing so)

A complete 6-Week Transformation

Feeding a family is hard work and it’s lonely and overwhelming at times. Having a partner will help you build confidence, come to the table with a solid plan, and enjoy the family mealtime moments we all crave.

We’ll cover:

  • What and how to eat. Children demand a lot from our bodies and our minds. Having the right fuel helps us put our best selves forward.

  • Why a meal plan alone isn’t enough. We’ll discuss and tackle all the obstacles getting between you and a peaceful family routine (including how to manage picky eaters).

  • How to build a 360-degree meal plan that fits your life. We’ll create a realistic plan (that goes far beyond a traditional meal plan), plus you’ll learn a new set of practical cooking skills, and leave with a new-found confidence and appreciation for mealtime.

This program may be right for you if…

  • You want to eat well but are frustrated by family mealtimes and feeling overwhelmed by all the obstacles

  • Have tried different things in the past (meal services, meal planning, etc) but haven’t found something that works for you consistently

  • You’re motivated to make changes and have a growth mindset

  • You’re committed to making changes now in order to help yourself and your family thrive

Here's what the program looks like:

Format: Meet in-person or via a phone or video call for approximately 90 minutes per week at a mutually agreed upon time and date plus ongoing text and email support (we become BFF's).


  • Gain a life-changing new approach to feeding your family, customized to your needs and dietary preferences

  • Leave with newfound confidence in choosing the right foods, learn different ways to make healthy meals happen, and gain an overall sense of peace in responding to the question, "What's for dinner?"

  • Create a tangible 360-degree plan that takes into account all aspects of your life and goes far beyond the realm of a normal meal plan 


Week 1: Assess and set realistic goals factoring in all aspects of your life

Week 2: No-Cook Meals: learn the right shortcuts for creating healthy meals without a lot of cooking

Week 3: Improv Cooking: how to make delicious food quickly and without following a recipe

Week 4: Realistic Recipes: Choosing truly simple recipes, how-to batch cook, and create freezer meals

Week 5: Creating Meal Plans and No-Waste Shopping - Creating a 360 plan that actually works for your family and learning to shop without wasting time or money

Week 6: Bringing it all together: check-in on how the new plan is working, troubleshoot any obstacles

This transformation can happen virtually (via phone or video call) or in-person.

Gift Cards are also available.

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