It Is Possible

When I was working in the corporate world it felt impossible to cook and have a career all while raising a family. It was so overwhelming that I decided to quit my job and return to school to study nutrition in order to figure it out. 

I have good news.

It turns out it is possible to cook real food and have a full life but only if we completely change the way we think about cooking.

Here's what we have to do:

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Never Make A Shopping List Again

Having a grocery list made is like putting on workout clothes.  I'm more likely to workout once I'm in the clothes and more likely to shop if I have a list. 

Removing cooking barriers (like list-making) is one of the reasons I’ve challenged myself to create a Capsule Kitchen, in other words, a kitchen made of only my favorite pantry staples and a few fresh, versatile, ingredients at a time.

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The 4 Things Keeping You From Cooking

This week I led two Improv Cooking Challenges for a group of cool, hard-working, athletic women who also happen to be raising small children.  

We talked exclusively about practical ways to get a meal on the table without compromising on the other aspects of life like working out, working hard, and raising a family.  We then went into the kitchen to compete in a Chopped-style cook-off.  Not surprisingly, seasoned cooks and newbies alike, made some darn good food and fast.  The food was so good in fact that people were tasting before the competition was over.   

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