Meal Formula #1: The Asian-Inspired Grain Bowl

I used to make a big batch of one recipe and try to eat it throughout the week. But inevitably by night 2 or 3, I'd be bored with that pot of chili, or crockpot chicken with salsa and wanting to pick up something new.

I've also tried following new recipes each night in order to keep things interesting. But that's not sustainable either because following a recipe requires one, time to plan to make sure I have all the ingredients and two, the ability to focus while following a recipe (hello, toddler on my leg). Two things I can't guarantee on a weekly or daily basis.

What works best for me most of the time, is following meal formulas instead of recipes. In other words, basic templates that work with a variety of different ingredients. Once I understand the formula cooking becomes second nature and I don't have to focus or scroll through a recipe on my phone. And since these formulas work with everything on my capsule kitchen list, I always have the right ingredients on hand. 

One of my favorite meal formulas is the Asian-Inspired Grain Bowl. It's easy but it tastes complex. It's customizable so you'll never get bored and you can modify it easily for picky eaters and dietary preferences.

Here are a few examples of this simple and outrageously delicious formula on my dinner table. All the meals below follow the Asian-Inspired Grain Bowl formula yet are so different from one another.

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It Is Possible

When I was working in the corporate world it felt impossible to cook and have a career all while raising a family. It was so overwhelming that I decided to quit my job and return to school to study nutrition in order to figure it out. 

I have good news.

It turns out it is possible to cook real food and have a full life but only if we completely change the way we think about cooking.

Here's what we have to do:

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Never Make A Shopping List Again

Having a grocery list made is like putting on workout clothes.  I'm more likely to workout once I'm in the clothes and more likely to shop if I have a list. 

Removing cooking barriers (like list-making) is one of the reasons I’ve challenged myself to create a Capsule Kitchen, in other words, a kitchen made of only my favorite pantry staples and a few fresh, versatile, ingredients at a time.

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